Monday, February 16, 2009

My Why and why you must also find yours!

Do you something that inspires you on to do something even if there are no results? Do you have a motivation that will cause you to strive on even if it appears that there is no hope? Do you have that silver lining in the cloud that will preserve even through the darkest night? The single WHY that will burn throughout the dark twilight to provide warm and guidance.

You may wonder what am i talking about but let me assure you that when you discover this power within you, yes i do mean each and everyone of us has this power, it is just a matter of discovering and unleashing it to its fullest potential.

First let me show you my why

You may wonder this is just a normal family photo so why am i talking about this.

Let me share with you my story

I am from a middle class family with my dad working as a clerk and my mum as a housewife initially. However, due to the heavy financial burden of the family, my mum have to come out to work and have been doing so for as long as i can remember ever since we learned how to take care of our basic needs.

Lunch during school days was warming up pre-cooked food in the rice cooker and dinner was only served around 8 or 9 pm after my mum come home from her work. Her work was not that easy, being the coffee stall assistant who has to work about 12 hrs a day and shifting and rearranging heavy crates of beer to help to support the family.

Our financial conditions worsen as my dad lost his job as a clerk in the company that he has been working for many years. During the time of his unemployment, my mum became the sole breadwinner of the family and we really have to save and not spend unnecessarily in school and avoid all main forms of luxury goods for children such as video games, computer, action toy figurines, etc...

Although we didn't have all the luxury, we grew up fine on the income that my mum had and also from my dad income working as a chinese physician (the equivalent of a doctor practising alternative medicine). I am very grateful to my family for bringing me up the way i am and also for providing for my education all the way to my honours degree.

Therefore, upon me and my brothers' graduation, i arrange to take a family protrait together. This photo is a victory and it shows that with determination and hard work, we CAN and will have a better future for us and our loved ones.

So this is my WHY and the motivation and driving force behind me that will drive me on to do and give the best i can for my family. Do you have a similar or more compelling WHY? Finding that is the source of your power!

Think about your WHY right now if you have no idea right now what it is. Speculate and make a guess, there do not need to be a 'correct answer'. Just know that a powerful WHY is definitely a must to be highly successful.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time management by Randy Pausch

Listen to Randy Pausch talk about how to manage your time. As a person with only a few months of good health left according to the doctor, he shares about the pragmatic stuff that you can use to manage your time to maximize fun!

Your time budget is seriously the only commodity that you can't afford to lose.

Interested to read about time management more? Check out his book below

Listen to Randy Pausch

Who is randy pausch?

Randy Pausch is a computer professor that have taught virtual reality at University of Virginia and University of Carnegie Mellon. He has passed away earlier this year due to pancreatic cancer. He gave a talk before his death that inspired many people and will continue to inspire many people in the future. It talks about how he achieved his childhood dreams and how you can too achieve your childhood dreams.

It will take an hour to finish listening to it. If you would like to download it and listen to it offline, you can email me to find out how.

After listening to this last lecture, you may want to check out his books that he have written below.

Why do network marketing?

A lot of people, especially singaporeans are very skeptical about network marketing aka multi-level marketing (mlm). However, two of the widely known successful person, Robert T.Kiyosaki, the author of the famous "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and Donald Trump, the mentor of the popular television series "The Apprentice", talk about why they would choose to do network marketing if they would to start all over again.

Listen to Robert T.Kiyosaki talks about network marketing below!

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